In most all communities, conflict will happen.  Often in conflict we feel fearful, isolated, stuck and divided, and many of us have longed for a system that supports empowering and transforming ways to respond to these challenges.  Restorative Practices is one such system.

Restorative Practices are a set of community based and owned process that support community self-care.  These practices invite us into a new way of understanding and experiencing being in community. They empowers individuals, families, groups/organizations, and communities to respond to misunderstandings, difficult situations, and conflicts in ways that serve everyone involved and the community as a whole.

Based on the Restorative Justice model, Restorative Resources Santa Cruz has been working in schools and organizations in the Santa Cruz area for more than 9 years.  We offer a series of workshops on Restorative Practices focused on supporting participants to learn both the philosophical framework and the practical application of this work.  This work supports community, connection, and healing both proactively and in response to communication breakdowns. In a world that often resorts to judgment, blame, and punishment, Restorative Resources offers non-punitive tools and practices to create environments where trust and understanding are valued and nurtured.